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Welcome to Sharaf Tours: Your Gateway to Tailor-Made Excellence in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain!

Sharaf Tours stands as a destination management company specializing in bespoke services and innovative solutions across diverse sectors. Serving as the Dubai-based inbound division of Sharaf Travel LLC, a trusted name with over three decades of operational excellence, we are backed by the esteemed Sharaf Group – a conglomerate renowned for its presence across 60+ operating companies spanning various industries.
Step into a world where operational finesse meets your unique aspirations. Sharaf Tours – where excellence is personalized, and exploration knows no bounds.

Why Choose Us

Embrace Distinction

At Sharaf Tours, we redefine your travel experience. With an unwavering passion for creating extraordinary moments, we take it up a notch to customize each adventure according to your wishes. Our dedication to providing personalized service, coupled with our in-depth local knowledge and extensive global partnerships, guarantees that every single moment is nothing short of exceptional. Embark on an exploration with us and let your wanderlust flourish.”

Sustainability: Guiding Our Exploration!

We craft extraordinary journeys, yes, but our dedication goes further. Sustainability isn't just a word—it's our commitment. With every adventure you take, know we're devoted to lessening our impact, empowering communities, and promoting eco-responsibility. Our aim? To safeguard today's beauty for generations ahead

Unveiling Regional Charms

We're not just about destinations; we're about experiences. Our team is dedicated to crafting immersive journeys that awaken your senses. With a laser focus on creativity and cost-efficiency, we ensure your involvement in every step.

Diversity is Our Strength

From leisure to work, we've got your back. Our forte lies in providing comprehensive solutions, a true one-stop hub for all your travel needs. No matter the purpose, we've got something exciting and interesting in store for you.

Tailored for You

Customization is our anthem. We create packages that perfectly match your interests, budget,and desires. Let us shape an adventure that's uniquely yours

Unleash Our Expertise: Your Unforgettable Journey

Experience the power of our legacy – crafting exceptional travel moments that breathe life into destinations. Immerse yourself in seamless exploration, guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Multilingual Staff
In House Logistics
Destination Knowledge
Excellent Relationship

Sharaf Group

The Sharaf Group maintains a significant presence in a diverse array of sectors including Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Information Technology, Financial Services, Hospitality & Real Estate, Education, and Manufacturing. With its headquarters situated in Dubai, the Group's operational scope extends across 59 countries encompassing the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Asia.
Noteworthy is the Sharaf Group's staunch commitment to inclusivity and diversity, a principle mirrored in their extensive talent reservoir, which boasts more than 11,000 professionals hailing from global locales.

"Sharaf Tours made my trip truly amazing with their fantastic services!" Pooja Khatter
"Sharaf Tours elevated our annual conference meet in Dubai to unprecedented heights. Their impeccable services seamlessly managed every detail, allowing us to focus on our event's success. A true partner in making our conference a resounding triumph. Tham Vu
"Impeccable service and unforgettable experiences define Sharaf Tours! From seamless logistics to rich cultural insights, every moment was a delight. They've set a new standard in luxury travel." Levy Cheron

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